For best results people typically go through a series of ten sessions. Because this can seem like a big time commitment, I advise people who are interested to commit to the first three sessions of the series. By that point you will have some experience with the changes that the work can bring. You will know intuitively whether or not the work is right for you and if you wish to continue.

Each session starts with a structural assessment of the client's body. The remaining work is done with the client on the table, where the Rolfer applies the appropriate pressure to the area where the fascia is restricted. The client may be asked to breathe in to the area being worked on and make movements to facilitate the release. The combination of the pressure and movement repositions the connective tissue and aligns the body's segments. 

Each Rolfing session builds upon the results of the previous one, so that the results are cumulative. The first three sessions address the superficial, or extrinsic layers of the body. In four through seven we begin to address the deeper core or intrinsic layers, the ones that have the most impact on the structural integrity of the body. Sessions eight through ten are concerned with organizing and aligning the body as a whole.